Sunday 15 June 2014

TFTD - 14 June 2014 - Thoughts from Today's Bible Readings

14 June 2014

Judges 14; 15
Isaiah 38
2 Peter 1; 2


Peter’s 2nd Epistle, of which we read the first 2 chapters, is extremely challenging because it relates in several ways to the excessively ungodly atmosphere in which we live.  But first, we were fascinated by lessons in our O T readings.  Samson upset his parents because he “saw one of the daughters of the Philistines” and said to them” get her for me as my wife.”  His parents objected, but he insisted; then comes the comment, “His father and mother did not know it was from the LORD, for he was seeking an opportunity against the Philistines” [Judges 14:1-4]

We perceive from this that God does not overrule human freewill; what he does is to weave it into his ongoing purpose in his oversight of human affairs especially those of his chosen people. We perceive the same principle in the life of Hezekiah that Isaiah writes about [Isaiah 38]. The LORD told him to “set your house in order, for you shall die … Hezekiah wept bitterly” [Isaiah 38:1-2] and the LORD heeded his prayers, but the son that succeeded him, born during the 15 years added to his life, was a disaster, but the nation had not appreciated the blessings of Hezekiah’s reign and the deliverance we read about yesterday, they ‘deserved’ a bad king..

In 2nd Peter we see that those in special service before God can, on occasion, be described as “angels”  In Matthew 11:10, John the Baptist is described as a “messenger” but in Gk the word is ‘aggelos’.  This word is used by Peter [2 Peter 2:4] saying “for if God did not spare the angels that sinned” referring, we conclude to some of the Levites who had the privilege of serving in the Tabernacle, see Numbers 16.   Also in Hebrews 2:2, “the message declared by angels (‘aggelos’)” is most likely a way of describing human prophets such as Isaiah, who declared God’s message.

Peter contrasts the judgement on “the angels that sinned” with the deliverance of Noah and Lot because of their righteousness [2 Peter 2:5-8]  He then makes the point that there will be no sparing by God of believers who become sinful in Peter’s day.  “There will be false teachers among you … and because of them the way of truth will be blasphemed” [2 Peter 2:1-2] Peter is very blunt about those who “have hearts trained in greed … forsaking the right way.” [2 Peter 2:14-15]  Let us hold fast to the right way - so that God will spare us from his judgements that will surely come on this godless world (see chapter 3) Let us live “lives of holiness and godliness” [2 Peter 3:11]
- DC

Thought for the Day

14 June 2014

"Jesus’ challenge is directed straight to the individual’s heart. His challenge is personal. How anyone else reacts to his call is not the point. The message is directed towards us personally. We have to decide whether we are willing to accept his challenge. Supremely the Lord Jesus Christ challenges us both collectively and individually to examine ourselves and be transformed into “the image of His Son” (Romans 8:29)."
Isaiah 38:19 is part of Hezekiah's words of thankfulness for the NEW LIFE he has been granted by Gods grace:
"The living, the living, he shall praise thee, as I do this day: the father to the children shall make known thy truth"

As ones who have been called, and by Gods grace given a NEW LIFE let us who are to be a truly living people give praise unto our Heavenly Father in all we say and do. And make known His wonderful truth.

Psalm 105:1-4:
"Give ye thanks to Yahweh, Call upon His Name, Make known, among the peoples, His doings;
Sing ye to him, Make ye music to Him, Speak ye of all His wonders.
Make your boast in His holy Name, Joyful be the heart of them who are seeking Yahweh.
Search out Yahweh and His strength, Seek diligently His face at all times". (Rotherham's emphasised translation)

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